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    Anatomic Pathology
    Grady Memorial Hospital

    404-616-7449 Phone

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    Gabriela M Oprea, MD

    Surgical Pathology

    Associate Professor
    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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    Pathology Division(s):
    Anatomic Pathology

    Email Address:

    Research Interests:

    - Breast Cancer
    My current interest relates to breast cancer: The in-homogenous nature of breast cancer, proven by gene micro array represents a challenge to the researcher, and as the principal investigator of the breast tissue bank, I am interested in questioning the molecular events of breast carcinogenesis in the context of its in-homogeneity as applied to a racial diverse, economically challenged population.

    - HIV Infection in Women
    In addition I am interested in an in depth study of the effect of the HIV infection, from reactive to neoplastic, on different organs and systems, with emphasis on women health issues.

    Clinical Focus:

    I provide pathology and cytology services at Grady Memorial Hospital that averages 15 000 surgical and 30 000 cytology specimens/year, with active FNA clinic involvement. My emphasis is on cytological diagnosis with histopathology correlation.