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    Experimental Pathology
    Yerkes Primate Research Center, Room 1026
    Atlanta, GA. 30329
    404-727-8587 Phone

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    Eric Hunter, PhD

    HIV Pathogenesis

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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    Other Appointments/Positions

    Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Emory University

    Senior Scientist Co-Director, Emory Center for AIDS Research, Emory University

    Co-Director for Basic and Translational Science, Emory Center for AIDS Research, Emory University

    Pathology Division(s):
    Experimental Pathology

    Email Address:


    B.Sc. (Honors)   Birmingham University, Birmingham, England Field of Study- Bacteriology, 1966 - 1969

    Ph.D.   Imperial Cancer Research Fund & Brunel University of England--- Field of Study - Tumor Immunology, 1969 - 1972

    Postdoctoral Fellow   Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California, Los Angeles-- Field of Study - RNA TUmor Virus, 1972 - 1976

    Research Interests:

    - Molecular Biology of HIV and other Retroviruses
    Research in my laboratory centers on the replication and pathogenesis of retroviruses, with a particular focus on the development of novel therapeutic and vaccine approaches to HIV. Using a model system based on the primate retrovirus Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (M-PMV), we are studying the viral-host interactions that are necessary for assembly of virions. These studies have identified unique insights into the mechanisms the virus employs for intracellular targeting of components necessary for the assembly and release of infectious virions.

    - HIV-1 Glycoprotein-mediated Entry
    Over the past several years, our laboratory has characterized the biosynthesis and transport of the HIV-1 glycoprotein (Env), and has identified protein domains critical for fusion and entry of the virus. Our current studies focus on the membrane-spanning component of the Env complex, gp41, which not only acts as the membrane fusion machine for the virus, but also targets Env to the site of virus assembly. These studies utilize molecular genetics approaches to dissect out structure-function relationships within the protein, with the goal of identifying new therapeutic targets for HIV-1.

    - Heterosexual Transmission of HIV-1
    Employing knowledge and technology gained in the molecular characterization of the HIV Env complex and its role in membrane fusion, we have embarked on studies in Rwanda and Zambia aimed at defining, at a molecular level, the nature of the virus that establishes infection following heterosexual transmission. Studies from more than 20 transmission pairs show that a severe genetic bottleneck occurs during transmission, with a single genetic variant initiating infection in the new host. Studies are ongoing to define the unique biological and structural properties of the transmitted virus with the goal of targeting these variants with vaccines. We are also investigating how HIV-1 adapts over time to cellular and humoral immune pressures as it is transmitted from one immunogenetic environment to another. These studies will provide keys to the mechanisms HIV uses to evade the immune response of a newly infected host.

    Honors / Awards:

    Ohio State University, Distinguished Research Career Award, 2004

    Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, 2004

    University of Alabama at Birmingham, Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, 2002

    Senior Fellowship, Fogarty International, 1994 - 1995

    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Merit Award for Structure/Function Analysis of the HIV Env Gene Product, 1992 - 2002

    National Cancer Institute Merit Award for Genetics of Type D Retroviruses, 1991 - 2000

    National Cancer Institute Merit Award for Site Specific Mutagenesis in the Env Gene of Rous Sarcoma Virus, 1989 - 1997

    National Cancer Institute Research Career Development Award, 1980 - 1985

    Postdoctoral Fellow of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, 1975

    Cancer Immunology Fellow of the Cancer Research Institute, New York, 1972

    Selected Publications:

    Published and Accepted Research Articles -

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