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    Alexander Duncan, MD

    Hemostasis and Coagulation

    Assistant Professor
    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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    Other Appointments/Positions

    Member, The Emory Clinic

    Medical Director, Hemapheresis Unit, Emory University Hospital

    Medical Director, Special Coagulation Laboratory, Emory University Hospital

    Pathology Division(s):
    Clinical Pathology

    Email Address:


    B.S.   (Chemistry) - Napier College, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1968 - 1970

    M.B., Ch.B   Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland, 1970 - 1976

      Intern, Medicine & Surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 1976 - 1977

      Resident, Clinical Pathology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 1978 - 1981

      Resident, Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 1981 - 1984

    Research Interests:

    - Hemostasis
    Complications of Pregnancy & Reproduction Dr. Duncan and his staff have identified several profiles that identify patients at higher risk for problems and in particular have recognized that a particular analyte Lipoprotein (a) has a much higher frequency in this population and may be an important predictor of future pregnancy problems. As a result of this work on infertility patients he has devised a protocol now used by all major IVF groups in Atlanta in which LMW heparin is started prior to embryo transfer and this has apparently improved the pregnancy success rate. He believes the whole infertility and early pregnancy failure area offers significant opportunity for further study on the involvement of the hemostasis system in diagnosis and monitoring of these patients in the first trimester.

    - Thrombophilia
    Congenital & Acquired

    Clinical Focus:

    Thrombophilia and Congenital & Acquired

    Hemostasis- Complications of Pregnancy & Reproduction

    Specialty Boards:

    1976  Education certificate for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)

    1977  Federation of State Medical Examiners (FLEX)

    1982  American Board of Pathology certified i n Clinical Pathology

    1986  Board certification in Internal Medicine

    1994  Board certification in Transfusion Medicine

    Selected Publications:

    Published and Accepted Research Articles -

    Hill, C, A. Duncan, D. Wirth, F. Nolte. 2006. Detection and identification of Cytochrome P450 alleles *1, *2, and *3 by high-resolution melting curve analysis of PCR amplicons. Hill, C, A. Duncan, D. Wirth, F. Nolte, 2005. Detection and identification of Cytochrome P450 alleles *1, *2, and *3 by high-resolution melting curve analysis of PCR amplicons. Am J Clinical Pathol.y. 125(4):584-91, 2006

    Pattaras, JG, E. Martinez, A. Duncan, P. Nieh, K. Ogan. 2006. Endourologic management of urolithiasis in hepatically compromised patients. J. of Virology (pending)

    Kottke-Marchant K, A. Duncan. 2002. Antithrombin deficiency: issues in laboratory diagnosis. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 126(11):1326-36.

    Howard, T.E., M. Marusa, J. Boisza, A. Young, J. Sequeira, C. Channell, C. Guy, E. Benson, A. Duncan. 1998. The prothrombin gene 3'-untranslated region mutation is frequently associated with factor V Leiden in thrompophilic patients and shows ethnic-specific variation in allele frequency [letter] Blood 91(3):1092.

    Trainor, L.D., E.Z. Benson, S.B. Barclay, C.D. Hillyer, A. Duncan. 1998. Simultaneous expression of red cell autoantibodies and anti-cardiolipin antibodies. Modern Pathol. 11(1):166A.

    Howard, T.E., M. Marusa, C. Channell, A. Duncan. 1997. A patient homozygous for a mutation in the prothrombin gene 3'-untranslated region associated with massive thrombosis. Blood Coag. and Fibrinolysis 8:316-319.

    Topper, M.J., K.W. Prasse, M.J. Morris, A. Duncan, N.A. Crowe. 1996. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for thrombin-antithrombin III complex in horses. Am J Vet Res 57:427-431

    Hillyer, C.D., A. Duncan, M. Ledford, T.J. Barrett, S.A. Klumpp, D.C. Anderson, H.M. McClure, E.F. Winton. 1995. Chemotherapy-induced hemolytic uremic syndrome: Description of a potential animal model. J Med Primatol 24:68-73

    Perez RL, A. Duncan, R.L. Hunter, G.W. Staton. 1993. Elevated D Dimer in the lungs in blood of patients with sarcoidosis. Chest 103:1100-1106

    Freedman D.S., T. Byers, J.J. Barboriak, W.D. Flanders, A. Duncan, R. Yip, E.N. Meilahn. 1992. The relation of prothrombin times to coronary heart disease risk factors among 31- to 45-year old men. Am J Epidemiol 136:513-524.

    Stahl R.L., W. Chan, A. Duncan, C.C. Corley Jr. 1991. Malignant angio-endotheliomatosis presenting as disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. Cancer 68:2319-2323.

    Stahl R., J.M. Henderson , M.A. Hooks, L.G. Martin, A. Duncan. 1991. Therapy of the Kasabach-Merrit syndrome with cryoprecipitate plus intra-arterial thrombin and EACA. Am J Hematol 36:272-274.

    Welles E.F., K.W. Prasse, A. Duncan, M.J. Morris. 1990. Antigenic assay for protein C determination of horses. Am J Vet Res 51:7.

    Welles E.F., K.W. Prasse, A. Duncan. 1990. Chromogenic assay of equine plasminogen. Am JK. Vet Res. 51:7.

    Stahl R., A. Duncan, M. Hooks, J.M. Henderson, W.D. Warren. 1990. A hypercoagulable state follows orthotopic liver transplantation. Hepatology 12:553-558.

    Prasse K.W., D. Allen , J.N. Moore , A. Duncan. 1990. Evaluation of coagulation and fibrinolysis during the prodromal stages of carbohydrate-induced acute laminitis in horses. Am J Vet Res 51:12.

    Stein S.F., A. Duncan, D. Cutler, S. Glazer. 1990. Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) in a hemophiliac treated with recombinant factor VIIa. Blood 76:438a.

    Other Publications -

    Duncan A. 1994. Chemiluminescence: A lesson from the firefly. Advance 3(7):57.

    Duncan A. 1994. Toward laboratory acceptance of chromogenic assays. Advance for Administrators of the laboratory. Advance 2(5):53-56.

    Duncan A., S.J. Wells, J.M. Henderson, C.J. Whitsett, C.D. Hillyer. 1992. Case records of the Emory University Hospital. Disseminated intravascular coagulation in liver transplantation. The Emory Univ. J. Med. 6:50-54.