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    Experimental Pathology
    Whitehead Building, First Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30322
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    Dominique A Weber, PhD

    Experimental Pathology

    Assistant Professor
    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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    Pathology Division(s):
    Experimental Pathology

    Email Address:

    Education:   University of Paris, France, - 1967

    Ph.D.   Columbia University, New York, - 1989

    Honors / Awards:

    1989-1992 Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1989-1992

    Selected Publications:

    Published and Accepted Research Articles -

    Jensen PE, Sullivan BA, Reed-Loisel LM, Weber DA. (2004) Qa-1, a nonclassical class I histocompatibility molecule with roles in innate and adaptive immunity. Immunol Res.;29(1-3):81-92.

    Miller JD, Weber DA, Ibegbu C, Pohl J, Altman JD, Jensen PE. (2003) Analysis of HLA-E peptide-binding specificity and contact residues in bound peptide required for recognition by CD94/NKG2.(2003) J Immunol. 171(3):1369-75.

    D.A.Weber, A. Attinger, C.C. Kemball, J.L. Wigal, Jan Pohl, Yi Xiong, E.L. Reinherz, H. Cherouter, M. Kronenberg, and P.E. Jensen (2002) Peptide-Independent Folding and CD8aa Binding by the Nonclassical Class I Molecule, Thymic Leukemia Antigen J. Immunol. 169: 5708-5714

    X.Chen, O. Laur, T. Kambayashi, S. Li, R.A. Bray, D.A. Weber, L. Karlsson and P.E. Jensen (2002) Regulated Expression of Human Histocompatibility Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)-DO During Antigen-dependent and Antigen-independent Phases of B Cell Development. J. Exp. Med. 195: 1053-1062

    Sullivan, B.A., P. Kraj, D.A. Weber, L. Ignatowicz, and P.E. Jensen. Positive selection of a Qa-1-restricted T cell receptor with specificity for insulin. 2002 Immunity, , 17:95-105.

    D.A. Weber, C.T. Dao, J. Jun, J. L. Wigal and P.E. Jensen. (2001) Transmembrane Domain-Mediated Colocalization of HLA-DM and HLA-DR Is Required for Optimal HLA-DM Catalytic Activity. J. Immunol. 167: 5167-5174

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    K.M. Soreng, D.A. Weber, H.Joshi, J.C. Moore and P.E. Jensen. (1995) A Role for Microfilaments but not Microtubules in Processing Solubles Antigens. Cellular Immunology 165, 1-10.

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