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    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
    Emory University School of Medicine
    Emory University Hospital
    Room H183
    1364 Clifton Road, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30322, USA

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    Departmental Divisions

    Anatomic Pathology
    Clinical Pathology
    Experimental Pathology

    Pathology Faculty at Microscope

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Administration

    Tristram G. Parslow, MD, PhD
    William Patterson Timmie Professor and Chair

    Vice Chairs:
    John D. Roback, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Director, Emory Center for Transfusion and Cellular Therapies
    Medical Director, Emory University Hospital Blood Bank

    Guido Silvestri, MD
    Professor and Vice Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Director of Experimental Pathology

    Daniel J. Brat, MD, PhD
    Professor and Vice Chair of Translational Programs, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Director of Neuropathology

    Anatomic Pathology
    Alyssa Krasinskas, MD
    Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
    Interim Service Chief for Anatomic Pathology

    Michelle Reid, MD, MS
    Assistant Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
    Interim Associate Service Chief for Anatomic Pathology

    Residency Training Programs
    Charles E. Hill, MD, PhD, Director
    Daniel J. Brat, MD, PhD, Co-Director
    Marina Mosunjac, MD, Director

    Forensic Pathology Faculty

    Departmental Faculty    Primary Division

    Carlos R Abramowsky, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Susan A Allen, MD, MPH - Experimental Pathology
    Aftab Ahmed Ansari, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Gabriela M Bedolla, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Guy M Benian, MD - Experimental Pathology
    George G. Birdsong, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Kyle T. Bradley, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Robert A Bray, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Eileen M Burd, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Craig S Campus, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Max Dale Cooper, MD - Experimental Pathology
    George Deeb, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Cynthia Ann Derdeyn, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Alexander Duncan, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Mark Allen Edgar, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Carla Ellis, MD, MS - Anatomic Pathology
    Michael T Fallon, DVM - Experimental Pathology
    Alton Brad Farris, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Ross M Fasano, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Marla Gearing, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Howard M Gebel, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Jan Marie Gorniak, DO - Anatomic Pathology
    Christopher C Griffith, MD, PhD - Anatomic Pathology
    Jeannette Guarner, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Krisztina Z Hanley, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Lara R Harik, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Charles E Hill, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Michael J Huerkamp, DVM - Experimental Pathology
    Eric Hunter, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Stephen B Hunter, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Bryon Patrick Jackson, MD - Clinical Pathology
    David L Jaye, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Cassandra D Josephson, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Daniel Kalman, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Carolyn S. Katzen, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    David D Koch, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Colleen S Kraft, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Alyssa Krasinskas, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Uma Krishnamurti, MD, PhD - Anatomic Pathology
    J. David Lambeth, MD, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Melinda Moore Lewis, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    William Lewis, MD - Experimental Pathology
    Shiyong Li, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Xiaoxian (Bill) Li, MD, PhD - Anatomic Pathology
    James V. Little, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Kelly R Magliocca, DDS, MPH - Anatomic Pathology
    Karen P Mann, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Carlos Sanchez Moreno, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Marina Mosunjac, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Mario Mosunjac, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Stewart G Neill, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Andrew Scott Neish, MD - Experimental Pathology
    Shoichiro Ono, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Gabriela M Oprea, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Adeboye O Osunkoya, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Mirko Paiardini, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Douglas C Parker, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Tristram G. Parslow, MD, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Todd M Preuss, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Brian Quigley, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Michelle D Reid, MD, MS - Anatomic Pathology
    James C Ritchie, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    John D Roback, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Beverly B Rogers, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Thomas E Rogers, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Margo Renee Rollins, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Debra Saxe, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Alessandra C Schmitt, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Frank Schneider, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Matthew Schniederjan, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Periasamy Selvaraj, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Charles W Sewell, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Gabriel Sica, MD, PhD - Anatomic Pathology
    Guido Silvestri, MD - Experimental Pathology
    Geoffrey H. Smith, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Sean R Stowell, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Harold C Sullivan, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Talaat S Tadros, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Yun F (Wayne) Wang, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology
    Brian A Webber, MD - Clinical Pathology
    Sharon W Weiss, MD - Anatomic Pathology
    Ifor R Williams, MD, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Yue Xue, MD, PhD - Anatomic Pathology
    Keqiang Ye, PhD - Experimental Pathology
    Linsheng Zhang, MD, PhD - Clinical Pathology