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Talaat S Tadros, MD

Surgical Pathology

Associate Professor
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Other Appointments/Positions

Director Of Cytopathology, Grady Health System

Medical Director Of Cytotechology School, Grady Health System

Pathology Division(s):
Anatomic Pathology

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M.B.B.Ch(M.D.)   Ain Shams University.Faculty of Medicine,Cairo,Egypt, 1970 - 1977
Intership   Ain Shams University hospitals,Cairo,Egypt, 1977 - 1978
Residency,Internal Medicine   Coptic Hospital,Cairo,Egypt, 1979 - 1982
Master Of Science In Internal Medicine   Ain Shams University,Faculty of Medicine, 1982 - 1983
Anatomic and Clinical residency   Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 1988 - 1992

Research Interests:

- Anal Pap Smears
- Breast FNA
- Human papillomavirus in cervical pre-invasive lesions and cervical carcinoma Collaboration with CDC focuses upon the detection of the molecular aspects of Human papillomavirus in cervical pre-invasive lesions and cervical carcinoma. Federally funded (Molecular signature of cervical cancer, NCI Early Detection Network-IA99 007) Collaborate Other interest: Breast Diseases

Clinical Focus:

Performing and interpreting the Fine Needle Aspiration on Superficial palpable masses in the Comprehensive Cancer Center (15-25 cases) in clinics weekly ¿ Adequacy evaluation for non-palpable masses performed by Radiology,Pulmonary and Gyn departments.Interpretation of GYN (Pap smears-60 cases/day) and non-GYN Cytology cases

Honors / Awards:

  • *Golden Apple Award For Continued Dedication to Resident Education, 2007-2008 *Outstanding Teacher in Residents' Evaluation of Teaching Program, 1996-1997 and 2002 *Gradulated Summa Cum Lauda (M. B. B. Ch) Ain Shams University,Faculty of Medicine

    , 1970-2008

Specialty Boards:

  •  Anatomic Pathology,American Board Of Pathology
  •  Clinical Pathology,American Board of Pathology
  •  Cytopathology.American Board of Pathology

Selected/Most Recent Publications:

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Published and Accepted Research Articles -

  • KZ Hanley,TS Tadros,AJ Briones,GG Birdsong,MB Mosunjac: Hematologic Malignancies of Female Genital Tract Diagnosed on Liquid-Based Pap Test,Cytomorphologic features and review of differential diagnosis Diagn Cytopathol. 37(1) 1-7,2009
  • MB Mosunjac ,MT Siddiqui,TS Tadros: Acinic cell carcinoma-papillary cystic variant. Pitfalls of fine needle aspiration diagnosis: study of five cases and review of literature. Cytopatho. Dec 7,2007
  • -SK lau,SI Shiran, TS Tadros: Multiple amyloidomas in an HIV patient presented as inguinal and mediastuinal masses: A case report diagnosed by fine-needle aspiration. Diagn Cytopathol. 35(8):505-507,2007
  • . M.Steinau, M. S. Rajeevan, D. R. Lee, M.T. Ruffin, I. R. Horowitz, L. C. Flowers, T. Tadros, G. Birdsong, M. Husain, D. Kmak, G.M. Longton, S. D. Vernon ,E. R. Unger. Evaluation of RNA Markers for Early Detection of Cervical Neoplasia in Exfoliated Cervical Cells . Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 16(2):295-301,2007
  • WWChoi,TSTadros,B Majmudar: Anal fibroadenoma,report of a common tumor type in an unusual location. South Med J 100(9):914-915,2007
  • . R.Bhalla R, D.C. Parker , T. Tadros . Salivary Duct Carcinoma metastatic to inguinal lymph node:a case report of salivary duct carcinoma with distant metastasis diagnosed by fine needle aspiration. Diagn Cytopathol.34(1):41-44,2006
  • W L Bakotic, D Willis G, Birdsong and T Tadros. Anal Cytology in an HIV-positive Population: A Retrospective Analysis. Acta Cyto. Mar-Apr;49(2):163-8,2005
  • .M. S. Rajeevan, D. C. Swan, R. A. Nisenbaum, D. R. Lee, S. D. Vernon, . T. Ruffin, I. R. Horowitz, L. C. Flowers, D. Kmak, T. Tadros, G. Birdsong, M. Husain, S. Srivastava, E. R. Unger.Epidemiologic and Viral Factors Associated with Cervical Neoplasia in HPV 16-Positive Women Int J Cancer. May 20;115(1):114-20,2005
  • Tadros TS, Strauss RM, Cohen C, Gal AA. Galanin Immunoreactivity in Paragangliomas, but not in Carcinoid Tumors. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol Sept: 11(3)250-252,2005
  • . Mosunjac M.B, Tadros T, Beach R and Majmudar B. Cervical Schistosomiasis, human papilloma virus(HPV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV): a dangerous coexistence or coincidence? Gynecol.Oncol. 90(1), 211-214,2003
  • Schiller A, Tadros T, Birdsong G and Grossl N. Cellular Dyscohesion in fine needle aspiration of breast carcinoma prognostic indicator for axillary lymph node metastasis? Am J Clin Pathol 115(2) 219-223,2001
  • . Tadros T, Warkowski K, Siegel R, Hunter S, Schwartz D. Pathology of Hyalohyphomycosis caused by Scedosporium apispermum (pseudoallescheria boydii) an Emerging Mycosis. Hum Pathol 29(11) 1266-1272,1998

Other Publications -

  • Flower LC and Tadros TS: Home Study Course. Winter 2003.J Lower Gen Tract Dis 7(1)53-57,2003
  • Flower LC and Tadros TS. Home Study Course. Fall 2002. J Lower Gen Tract Dis 6(4)287-253,2002