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    Emory University School of Medicine
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    Soft Tissue Pathology Fellowship

    This one year fellowship is elected following a full 4 year AP/CP program or a 3 year AP program. It is ideally suited to individuals who wish to practice pathology in an academic or large community practice setting since it deals with a highly specialized area of anatomic pathology. The fellow works under the direct supervision of Drs. Sharon Weiss. The case material derives principally from the soft tissue consultation services which accessions 3400 cases yearly supplemented by case material from within the Emory system (300 bone and soft tissue cases) and represents the full range of mesenchymal lesions from nodular fasciitis to high grade sarcomas of various types. In addition, the soft tissue archives comprises 30,000 well catalogued cases for research purposes. The soft tissue fellow is responsible for the reviewing and preparing all cases prior to the daily 1-2 hour signout session, communicating preliminary diagnoses, discussing cases with contributors, and drafting a significant number of final consultation reports. The fellow is expected to complete at least one basic or clinical research project in the course of the year and to participate in the monthly multidisciplinary sarcoma conference held at Emory University Hospital Midtown under the direction of Dr. Deyrup.

    1 position

    USMLE Step 3; Georgia Licensure; Completion of AP/CP or AP only residency

    Sharon W. Weiss, MD - Director