Rhesus macaque Granulocyte/Macrophage-Colony-Stimulating-Factor(rMamu GM-CSF)

GM-CSF stimulates late stages of hematopoietic differentiation of macrophages and granulocytes. In addition, GM-CSF has been indicated to profoundly affect the quality and magnitude of antigen presentation and allow for the differentiation of blood monocytes into dendritic cells in conjuction with IL-4.

rMamu and other Old World primate GM-CSF cDNA code for a 144 aa polypeptide precusor including a 17 aa signal peptide (resulting in a 126 aa mature polypeptide) that is 96.5% homologous to human GM-CSF (Hutchinson et al, J Med Virol 2001, 65:561-565, Genbank accession number AY007376).

rMamu GM-CSF is produced as a mature polypeptide in E coli using the pET32 expression vector with an enterokinase digestion site to ensure the absence of extraneous residues at the aminoterminus. Alternatively, small quantities may be prepared from CHO cells transfected with a pED vector followed by affinity purification.

Purity is verified by PAGE electrophoresis and absence of endotoxin by LAL test.

Bioactivity of each lot is tested based on induction of proliferation of TF-1 cell line. Biological activity levels vary from batch to batch but is generally of the order of 1x104 U/mg.